Old Boys’ Collegians Cricket Club – Junior Section

Old Boys’ Collegians Cricket Club was again the biggest junior club in Christchurch last season.

We are based at Elmwood Park, Heaton Street, Merivale

We had 50 teams covering Yr0-Yr8 for boys and girls.

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Registration will open 5th August 2019. And will close 15th September 2019.

This year registration will be taken through the Crichq online process. Open days will be held 12th & 14th October. More details to follow once available. Any issues please email: mandie@coaching-solutions.co.nz

To find out more about the different age and stage available in cricket click here. This seasons grades available:

  • Year 0 & 1 (1st timers) Have A Go
  • Year 1 & 2 Kiwi (This season this will be run at Elmwood Park by the Club, 8.45am start)
  • Year 2 & 3 T16
  • Year 4 T16 or Super 8 Softball
  • Year 5 Super 8’s Softball or Hardball
  • Year 6 Hardball
  • Year 7 & Premier
  • Year 8 & Premier ½ season only

No Subs increase this season. As with all services cost tend to increase. The club have decided to make an increase every 3 years to allow for inflation and increased costs to provide the service. Subs help to cover the cost of administration, affiliation, equipment, facilities, training and games costs plus many many more. The next increase is scheduled for 2020-21.

On paying your subs for the coming season you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as set out at the bottom of this page. You are also required to adhere to the Ground Rules 2018-19.

Teams for 2018/19

Generally players will be able to play in teams with their friends if there is space and if they are the correct age for the grade. But it is not always possible to accommodate all the requests we receive.

Players wishing to play up will only be allowed to play one grade above their current year group grade. Dispensation is not required for this. For example y4’s will be able to play Yr5 super8 softball, but will not be allowed to play Yr5 hardball at the start of the season.  Any other players will be dealt with on a case by case basis but highly unlikely to be able 2 play 2 grades above their year group. If this is the case please email Mandie with your case as soon as possible.

Players wishing to play down will require dispensation from CJCA. Please email Mandie with your case as soon as possible.

Please find last years list of players registered for the 2018/19 season (as at 5th October 2018). First find your team number using the Alphabetical list, then look at the rest of your team using the Team lists.

If you feel that you are not in the correct team please understand that this is not always possible but do feel free to contact us.

Season Dates

Season starts: 19th October 2019

Games scheduled: Labour Day & Show Weekend

Last game before Xmas: 14th December 2019

Start back after Xmas: 1st February 2020

Last game of the season: 21st March 2020


Playing uniforms can be purchased directly from Cricket Express, 210 St Asaph Street, Christchurch (Between Manchester and Colombo Street)

HAG, Kiwi and 16/16 grades players uniform, white or navy sports shorts, NEW ROYAL BLUE polo shirt and navy cap/floppy. All other grades uniform long white pants with the NEW ROYAL BLUE polo shirt and Navy cap/floppy.

Team Coaching

 All players receive coaching from our professional qualified Cricket coaches.

  • Kiwi players will have a 30min training session Saturday 8.45-9.15am that is run by club coaches before their games on saturday at Elmwood Park.
  • 16/16 players this coming season will have a 45min trainings session run by a club coach just for their team rather than the usual group coaching during the week, times will be allocated by the club.
  • All other teams as usual will have a club coach for a 1hr training session during the week, times will be allocated by the club.

This years coaching will start the 14th October. This is a link to last years teams training schedule. Coaching Timetable 2018

Please note no coaching Labour Day, Show Day or Waitangi Day.

Weekly Draw

This is usually available on a Tuesday before each game, please check the draws here..
Ground codes are available here.

Crichq also has details of locations on the draw.


For all updates check our news page.

On Saturday morning the CJCA will make an announcement approximately 7.30am CJCA website. I will post sooner if I know anything on this websites news page.

On training days we will try to make a decision around lunchtime unless the weather is still changeable and post on this websites news page.


Results can be entered here by team managers.

Results can be found here.

CJCA Grade Rules, Scoresheets and Managers

For information about the rules of each grade (including the scoresheets) click here.

Kiwi – Mandie Godliman 021701534, mandie@coaching-solutions.co.nz
T16 Yr3/Yr4 – Catherine Ryan 0272981031, kiwi34@cjca.org.nz
Year 5 – Francis van Woerkom 341 3333, francis@vanw.nz
Year 7 – John Quirk 0275743723, jandlaq@gmail.com
Year 6 – Adrian Brown 0272475436, ajcb@windowslive.com
Year 8 – Steve Shaw 0276996256, steven.victoria@xtra.co.nz
Girls Grades – Mike Dunlop 021969299, mike@digitaloperative.co.nz

CJCA Representative

To find out about opportunities (boys yr6-8 and girls yr5-8) to be included in the CJCA Representative programme click here.


As always Volunteers are at the heart of any successfully run club. Please click here for the job description of a Junior Team Manager. If you are interested in attending any of the coaching courses with Canterbury Cricket let us know.

Again this season New Zealand Cricket has a Welfare of Children & Vulnerable Adults Policy, requiring that all our managers and coaches are police vetted and have completed the Child Protection module and Coaching module. This is to create an enjoyable and secure cricket environment for our children. To register please click here.

Other Coaching available

Every season OBC delivers Holiday Coaching Programmes. Usually Pre-season, Christmas Holidays and New Years Holidays. For more information please contact us. One-2-One cricket coaching is also available.

Current Programmes

OBC Cricket Pre Season Holidays
Cricket 10-12.30pm – $25.00 per session
Cricket (supervision over lunch) 1-3.30pm – $25.00 per session

OR if ALL Day $45 OR for 5 full days Special Offer $180
Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th, Thursday 10th, Friday 11th October 2019

Each Cricket session will include warm-ups, skills and drills coaching, with a short competition/game to finish.  The afternoon sessions will now also be Cricket this season. You can choose to attend one or more sessions, each will be different.  Spaces will be limited. Venue Elmwood Park.